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From Danger to Hope: The Incredible Story of 59 Children Rescued in Haiti

Updated: Apr 3

Mike Wilson with Team Sentinel preparing for the rescue mission

The news hit us out of nowhere. Our friends at the Tim Tebow Foundation discovered a horrifying situation at the Haiti Children's orphanage in Haiti—gangs had threatened the safety of 59 MVP's (Most Vulnerable People), many of whom we knew personally from our Night to Shine events. These children with special needs desperately needed a way out.

Mike, along with some other incredible partners, was brought in to consult regarding what we understand about special needs individuals. Having known some of these children and understanding their needs, we were determined to help. The Sentinel Foundation led the way in this cooperative effort to execute the rescue mission, making the seemingly impossible, possible.

The plan was to evacuate the children and their caregivers—a total of 72 precious lives—from Haiti to a safe haven in Jamaica. Although obstacle after obstacle presented itself, we found that no mountain was too big for a mountain-moving God.

The rescue team takes 59 children and 13 caregivers from Haiti to Jamaica

After 36 hours at sea traveling at 7.5 knots for almost 300 nautical miles, through swells and seas, the children arrived securely in their new Jamaican home. Now safe, as they landed on Jamaican soil, they were stepping into a future filled with love, care, and the chance to truly flourish.

Mustard Seed Community, their new home, is going to be outstanding for them. It’s a place where they will receive quality care, attention, and love. We cannot imagine a better place for them at this moment.

Mike Wilson standing in front of the ships at the Jamaican Cost Guard Yard

We are proud to have been a part of this rescue effort and to have experienced first hand the care, compassion, and willingness of the team to roll up their sleeves and do anything needed. Thank you, Team Sentinel, Austin, the Jamaican Government, Jamaican Coast Guard, Mustard Seed Community, and Tim Tebow Foundation for never giving up hope.

This wasn't just a rescue mission; it was Proverbs 31:8 in action: "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute."

Once you see things like this, you can't unsee them.

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