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Jonathan's Story: Emaciated Preemie Now Healthy 7-Year-Old

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Jonathan was born prematurely and abandoned at a hospital in Jacmel, Haiti in 2016. Then when hospital workers went on strike, he was abandoned a second time with no one to care for him. Jonathan was very frail due to being born prematurely. On top of that, he lacked medical interventions that would be routine for preemies in the United States. He was in very bad shape.

Thankfully in May 2016, myLIFEspeaks was contacted and we rescued Jonathan and another little girl, Clara, from this neglected hospital.

When we arrived, we found an emaciated child who was approximately one year old and clinging to LIFE. Jonathan was extremely dehydrated, malnourished, and frail. He probably wouldn’t have lived another day or two at most.

We weren’t sure if he would make it either way but we would do everything we could to try to save his LIFE. We brought Jonathan into our care and he started to gain his LIFE back. His transformation was dramatic and miraculous. Jonathan began to thrive.

Seeing him today, you wouldn’t recognize him as the neglected, dying preemie from the hospital. Today Jonathan is a healthy, happy, little boy and a part of a forever family that loves him immensely. Jonathan is adored by his forever foster parents Mackenson and Gertha and loves playing with his four sisters (Saika, Kingerly, Clara, Merdine).

One happy family. (Pictured from L to R: Kingerly, Gertha (Mother), Saika, Jonathan, Merdine, Mackenson (Father), and Clara

Jonathan is in LIFE Academy's 2nd Grade class. He loves playing soccer and with toy dump trucks and cars. He loves doing anything that gets him down and playing in the dirt; your typical 7-year-old boy.

We can’t wait to see the incredible things God will continue to do through Jonathan's LIFE. He is a walking miracle. Jonathan’s LIFE speaks.

Jonathan and two of his friends at LIFE Academy. (L to R: Nixon, Michelson, Jonathan)


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