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Jezula’s Story: A homeless mother turned empowered employee, parent, and homeowner

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Jezula and her children. (September 2021) (Used with her permission)

Jezula showed up at the myLIFEspeaks Campus in early 2012 with two children in tow. She looked exhausted, frustrated, and at the end of her rope. The children were dressed in tattered clothes that were more like rags than articles of clothing.

When she came into the building, she told us through a translator (Dr. Peter Mesiline), that the children were her sister’s children, and her sister left and now she needed to give the children away because she couldn’t care for them. It was obvious that something was wrong but no one knew what was going on. The children were weak and lethargic and Jezula’s eyes held zero hope.