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Haiti Earthquake Updates: What we know, what we are doing, and what we need

Updated: Aug 16, 2021


There were several aftershocks throughout the night and into this morning. Most of our staff members, children, and families in Neply slept outside last night in fear of more building collapses. (Above photos))

The Southern region of the island is where the earthquake’s epicenter was and where the most destruction and loss of life is being reported. As of 11 a.m. on August 15th, 2021, the death toll has risen to 724 with thousands others injured and more still missing.


Although Neply is safe, the entire country is on edge and scared. Several of our staff members have family in the affected areas who have lost their homes and have incurred minor injuries. At this time our focus is on helping our immediate staff with family members who have been affected.

We at myLIFEspeaks continue to be on alert and in constant communication with our Haitian and American staff on ground ensuring the utmost safety and precautionary procedures are in place.

We are ready and able to assist and send help to affected areas as needed and are prayerfully discerning and awaiting how best we can best do so.

Benjamin, myLIFEspeaks social worker, is ready to consult and help families in need of assistance. Our LIFE Therapy Clinic staff has been in touch with local orthopedic hospitals seeing an influx of earthquake victims and are awaiting word on how/when we can be of help.

We are waiting to see what people on the front lines need before we send people there. It is critical during crises like this that people don’t self deploy and add to the chaos or distract from the orgs/departments on-ground.

We have made our resources and staff’s expertise available and ready upon receiving word.

(People in Neply sleeping outside on blankets, mattresses, and cardboard boxes in fear and anticipation of aftershocks. August 14, 2021.)


  • Haiti needs your fervent prayers… Tropical Storm Grace is also on track to hit Haiti in the next 48 hours. Aftershocks are still occurring and can last up to a month after the initial quake. Organizations/international aid departments are doing their best to assess the current situation and save lives. Please pray for protection for all involved and for a safe covering over Haiti.

  • Wisdom

  • Discernment on where we are needed and can best be of help to those in need right now

Additionally in such crisis where there is a lot of misinformation coupled with well-intentioned people wanting to help, we want to share some key reminders:

1. Only give to reputable organizations which have direct contact with the affected areas. If you don't know about something you see, feel free to reach out to us directly. We will share everything we know to best help Haiti.

- If you want to give to myLIFEspeaks, we will partner with trusted, on the ground organizations, to make sure the finances are used for earthquake and/or storm relief. Accountability and transparency are key with disaster relief & on-ground ministries.

2. Do not send down tons of donations or your “old” supplies just to feel like you are helping. Necessary items can be purchased on-ground in Haiti and will help the economy there.

3. We have staff members families' whose homes have been destroyed and we will be seeing what we can do to assist them and other organizations we have connections with, but Neply is fine and needs no physical assistance at this time (may need emotional counseling in the days ahead...more likely than not.)

4. We are NOT a disaster relief organization. We will work with our local community first, our staff members affected family’s second, & other certified government organizations third.

Thank you for covering Haiti in prayer. We need you.

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