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Earthquake Update & Tropical Depression To Hit Haiti Today

As of August 16, 2021 at 11 a.m.


The aftershocks are continuing, most of our staff members, children, and families in Neply are still sleeping outside out of fear of more building collapses. Now we prepare for heavy rain and further potential destruction from Tropical Storm Grace set to hit Haiti late Monday or early Tuesday.

The Southern region of the island is where the earthquake’s epicenter was and where the most destruction and loss of life is being reported. As of Monday, the death toll is over 1,000 with thousands others injured and more still missing. First responders and emergency personnel are desperately searching for survivors in the rubble ahead of yet another natural disaster heading to Haiti. (Source: New York Times)


Although we in Neply are safe, the entire country is on edge and scared. Several of our staff members have family in the affected areas who have lost their homes and have incurred non life-threatening injuries. At this time our focus is on helping our immediate staff with family members who have been affected and who have been displaced from their homes.

We continue to be on alert and in constant communication with our Haitian and American staff on ground ensuring the utmost safety and precautionary procedures are in place. Currently, our staff is going door-to-door to inform people of the incoming storm.

Our LIFE Therapy Clinic staff, having already checked-in and provided instruction, prayer, and encouragement to current patients in our community, is now shifting their focus to travel and offer assistance and supplies to hospitals and clinics in the Southern regions. This plan is dependent on what happens today with Tropical Depression Grace.

Our staff will be traveling to overloaded hospitals to help with patient rehabilitation to open up more beds and skilled wound care. We are also sending supplies - ace wraps, gloves, wound care supplies, gauze, stabilizing braces, and crutches - to a hospital and rehab clinic in Les Cayes (one of the hardest hit areas.)

Our Security Team is working around the clock to keep the entire village safe, informed, and up to date.

We are ready and able to assist and send help to affected areas as needed and are prayerfully discerning and awaiting how best we can best do so.

Benjamin, myLIFEspeaks social worker, is ready to consult and help families in need of assistance.

We are waiting to see what people on the front lines need before we send more people there. It is critical during crises like this that people don’t self deploy and add to the chaos or distract from the orgs/departments on-ground. We have made our resources and staff’s expertise available and ready upon receiving word.

Please continue to be in constant prayer over Haiti and share this with your friends & family so they can be praying as well! Thank you!

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