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Washing the feet of those who will betray you

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Painting by: Melani Pyke
Painting by: Melani Pyke

It doesn’t get more humble and selfless than that. Today, 2,000 years ago Jesus had his last meal with his friends and disciples. He gave them His Body and Blood to eat and drink of (Matthew 26:17-30), saying He would be with them always. They didn’t understand at the time the profound statement Jesus was making; how He, in a matter of hours, would literally be giving up His Body and Blood poured out for all sinners.

He would be offering them and the entire world from that moment on, the Bread of Life, His very self.

He willingly took up this unimaginable weight and cup for the sake of the entire world. For the same people who would beat him, spit on him, scorn him; and condemn him to a horrific, humiliating, and slow death on a Cross.

He knew this was coming. And yet on the eve of the ultimate act of betrayal and his agonizing death, instead of retracting from those who he knew would hurt and abandon him, he knelt down and washed their feet. (John 13:1-17)

That is how much He loves us. Not despite our brokenness, but in our brokenness. He redeems us, by giving us His very self.

Jesus willingly cooperated in his own brutal murder, on a Cross, for the price of the world’s sins. Once and for all.

And He did this feeling alone and betrayed, hanging naked on a tree.

Time and time again, leading up to His ultimate death on the Cross, we see Jesus lay down his life for others: metaphorically and physically.

He is the ultimate humble servant; the God of all Creation who came down to reconcile our debts. The blameless, sinless lamb of God slaughtered for His Flock.

Today, as we reflect on The Last Supper and Jesus’ washing of his disciples feet as an act of self denial and love; let’s allow the humble actions of Our Lord in His most vulnerable and agonizing moments seep into our hearts.

The current state of our world, in its utter suffering and trials; in a bizarre, yet beautiful way aligns to Our Own Lord’s suffering many years ago.

Let’s embrace this journey of suffering with Jesus by carrying the Cross with Him in boldness, strength, and humility.

And in our deepest moments of despair let’s not forget to, as Jesus did, turn to the needs of others and wash their feet first.

May God bless you this Easter Weekend!

- Sydney, myLIFEspeaks

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