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"Survivor's Guilt and Gratitude" by Andrea Price

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

(Originally posted on Andrea Price's Facebook page on August 14th, 2021 after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti.)

Being spared from devastation and death really hits you different emotionally. It makes you wonder how and why we get chosen to not have to witness or experience these things. Then naturally survivors' guilt kicks in and we feel as if we would feel better if we were actually indeed suffering with the ones who had to experience the tragic situation. Or maybe it’s just me.

All morning long I have been praying and repeatedly thanking God for His grace and His favor and for keeping us protected. But is that selfish of me to say? We could have very easily been the ones under the rubble but instead we are under His wings.

Many emotions are starting to sink in as we just sit outside our houses due to several aftershocks. I keep imaging what it would be like if the images I am seeing were what I was seeing in Neply. If the mom and grandma that are sitting here with me were pulling her kids from under rubble and not them sitting here by their side like a mother hen for protection.

I’m gonna be honest. It’s hard to try and seek out the silver lining in Haiti right now (which is definitely weird for me to even say). It seems as if the only kind of break Haiti can catch right now is heartbreak.

A long, drawn out, deadly civil war since 2018. A president assassinated just a month ago. A 7.2 earthquake and then some. Haitians are tired of being resilient. They are tired of having to have perseverance. Perseverance for what? Just to suffer?

When will the pendulum swing the other way for this country? When will the first country to liberate themselves from the hand of the colonizers be able to walk and bask in that great triumph and the true identity of this country’s roots?

However.... there are SO MANY INCREDIBLE things happening in this country that are rebelling against the curse of chaos and disparities. So many people that are waking up out of their slumber and realizing that they are not what their environment makes them out to be; they are not what society makes them out to be.

They really want to see a better tomorrow and a better future so it’s like dynamite has gone off in their souls that has ignited the flame to their hearts that have lead them to start making their communities that change the country needs.

They are here to go from heartBREAK to BREAKthrough. That’s the break we need.

These are the things God wants me to keep my heart aligned with. I say all this to say please intentionally pray for Haiti. Even if it’s as simple as “Lord. Intervene for Haiti.” Or “Lord I don’t even know where Haiti is in a map but I know some lady on social media really wants me to pray so here I am lifting them up to you.”

I know that Haiti will eventually slip to the back of your mind or eventually off of your prayer list BUT YOUR PRAYERS RIGHT NOW help us with the moments like this in our future. Your prayers are what help hold Moses' staff up as God parts the sea. Your prayers RIGHT NOW help keep us covered and protected as we take His Presence with us everywhere we go every second of every day.

Thank you all.

- Andrea Price (Neply, Haiti)

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