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Open Letter from Mike Wilson: Haiti Needs Strong Haitians Not Foreign Voices

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Originally posted to Mike's personal Facebook on July 14, 2021

So much has happened recently in my LIFE both personally and professionally. Last week turned things in Haiti upside down. Let me take a moment and try to bring you deeper Into the fog.

I have heard many ask or indicate they would like to see the US step in and "fix" things in Haiti. That's not going to happen. Sure, they might send In some military and they might stay there for weeks, months, or even years. They've done It before and it's been a catastrophic failure. Read the article I've attached and see directly from the US State Dept's own archives what happened.

This isn't something the US needs to be involved in, unless Haiti becomes a territory of the US like Puerto Rico for military purposes. (I really don't know much about that process or how successful it really is.) The only reason the US would come in and truly invest money, leadership, AND walk with Haitian leaders is that it's the right thing to do. Now, ask yourself in all honesty, when was the last time any government did something because it was just the right thing to do for someone else? Seriously. Come on.

I can't possibly communicate to you just how difficult the "future of Haiti" looks. There have been Christian missionaries in Haiti for years and Haiti doesn't really look any different today than it did years ago. Sure the majority of people In Haiti claim to be converted Christians but VouDou still has a deep hold on the majority of people I know. Even professed believers cower at the thought of the (literally VouDou) curses being thrown at them. Haiti needs a Holy Spirit revival. I am firmly committed to the belief that we are approaching an Elijah and the Prophets of Baal moment coming in Haiti (1 Kings 18:16-39).

How can you expect people to lead well and think about others if their very existence is based on survival?

You know the stories and you've possibly read the stats. Haitians by and large survive on $3 or less each day. They aren't worried If they can cover their Netflix AND Disney+ subscription this month, instead, they are trying to survive. So many foreigners have come to Haiti with good intentions and realize that the Haitian population is strong-willed, desperately prideful, and VERY slow to change. Some Haitians will give up their children to these foreigners and their orphanages because they love their children and want them to carry on their names and Haitian heritage. These children grow up in orphanages then move back home when they "age out" and are dismissed. Yes, dismissed back into the very society that gave them up. These children are NOT getting adopted and going to live better lives overseas for the most part. Fact check this one, less than 150 children are adopted from Haiti internationally each year

So, what's the answer? Haitians MUST be able to think critically and solve problems. They MUST have their voices heard and someone needs to walk BESIDE them and not in front of them. Someone needs to empower the people to not only think but to help them make good decisions. Why are almost 40,000 Haitian children living In orphanages?? Because a foreigner told the parents this was the best thing for them to do and it made sense to them. It's really that simple.

Stop empowering foreigners to make the decisions for Haiti and invest in Haiti and Haitians to make and own their own decisions. (If you support an organization, ministry, orphanage, or business in Haiti and you don't trust that Haitians are being empowered, ask yourself a very simple question, "What happens when ______ dies? Does the work there stop also?" THIS Is vital to the future of Haiti.) Stop preaching the gospel of prosperity and the blessing of the visa to the US/Europe, and instead, start standing on the Holy Scripture and depending upon the Holy Spirit. Stop empowering criminals and provide an option to gang life for these Impressionable young people who are being enticed to violence because they see no hope In the spot where they are.

Side note, this is not just Haiti. Look around. It's happening in cities all over the world at this moment. Chicago comes to mind first, BUT, the reality is I can still go to Chicago and have deep-dish pizza, catch a ballgame, and enjoy the sights, as long as I avoid certain areas. Haiti doesn't have that luxury, because avoiding "certain areas" is impossible In Haiti.

Here's the hardest part about this. It's not going to change in our lifetime. Seriously, it might not. It might take 10 or 20 years for this to happen. I recently saw a video where someone complained as they planted a tree that it was for future generations to enjoy and that was frustrating. Ha. That's exactly how I would describe what's happened in Haiti for the past 100 years. Long-term takes a long time. That's what investment does though, it grows over time. Check on things and look for progress. Ask questions If you have them. Even small wins are wins. Celebrate the small wins because you're going to see lots of failures.

Haiti is NOT a lost cause nor is it cursed. It's beautiful in parts and overwhelming in parts. The beaches rival anything you've seen and the mountains are breathtaking. Most importantly, the PEOPLE are real, hard-working, passionate, and willing. Please pray for God's Will In Haiti. We need the Holy Spirit to move and empower more than we need anything else.

I realize this post Is long and frustrating for many. Shoot me a message and let's talk. I'm open and I have my big boy pants on. I won't however be drawn Into an argument over what you think the US should do.

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