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LIFE Academy + Elderly Program Integration

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

LIFE Academy is all about integration and inclusion. A while back, LIFE Academy directors decided it would be wonderful for our students to see the value and importance of their elders by taking turns integrating classrooms with our LIFE 46:4 elderly program during the school day.

This collaboration has resulted in a beautiful, mutually beneficial opportunity for both the elderly and our students.

Students learn firsthand how to respect and converse with their elders and the elderly feel a sense of pride and love as they are able to pour wisdom into the next generation of Haiti’s leaders.

It is amazing to watch our students take initiative to help the elderly, many who never learned to read or write, work on coloring book pages, letters and numbers together. We watched our students be natural leaders applying their skills and knowledge to help their elderly friends.

There is not a minimum age requirement for leaders here at LIFE Academy. What a beautiful blessing this LIFE Academy + LIFE 46:4 Elderly Program collaboration is!

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