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4 Tips to Help Haiti Disaster Relief

In times of natural disaster and crisis, there is often mounds of misinformation coupled with well-intentioned people wanting to help. We want to share key reminders when you are prayerfully discerning how you can help Haiti at this time.

Makeshift hospital beds outside hospital in Les Cayes, Haiti (Photo: Associated Press)

1. Only give to reputable organizations that have direct contact with the affected areas.

- If you want to GIVE to myLIFEspeaks' Haiti Relief Fund, your gift will go directly towards helping affected families in our immediate community and providing supplies and personnel to organizations on the ground in hardest hit areas, whom we personally know and trust.

2. Do not self deploy. It is critical during crises like this that people don’t self deploy and add to the chaos or distract from the orgs/departments on-ground.

- We do not recommend anyone coming to Haiti at this time. It is beautiful the outpouring of support and desire to help however if not done correctly it can actually hurt more than help.

3. PRAY for protection, healing, and safety for all those affected, victims, survivors, first responders, rescuers, and their loved ones.

4. Do not send down tons of donations or your “old” supplies. Necessary items can be purchased on-ground in Haiti and will help the economy there.



myLIFEspeaks is NOT a disaster relief organization, however we are working closely to provide supplies and personnel to trusted, on the ground organizations in affected areas.

Money given to our Haiti Disaster Relief Fund will go directly towards:

  1. Assist people in Neply who have had damage from the tropical storm (roofs ripped off, etc.)

  2. Help families of our staff who live in affected areas and lost homes and/or have been injured

  3. We are sending supplies and personnel to local hospitals to provide relief in triage and physical/occupational therapy.

Our LIFE Therapy Clinic staff is on-ground at Adventist Diquini hospital assisting with wound care and patient mobilization. We have donated a lot of our Therapy Clinic supplies to be used in Les Cayes and at Diquini.

We just happened to have bought supplies for our patients in bulk for general long-term use and had extras right now to provide. The hospital is currently overflowing with patients and there are beds & tents set up in the parking lot for triage and post-op patients.

myLIFEspeaks' social worker, Benjamin Saint Jean, and his friends from the social work school are organizing together to bring (below) supplies to Les Cayes where the biggest damage from the earthquake is right now. Donations will go towards buying these supplies in country and distributing to those in need.

Food kit

Water - Soap - Sugar- Bread - Oil - Spaghetti - Rice - Salmon - Wheat - Matches - Shelter - Gauze - Formula - Wipes - Diapers

Medical kit

Antibiotics - Tylenol - Paracetamol - Vitamins - Gauze pad- Hand sanitizer- IV solution - Masks - Syringe - Adhesive - Gloves - Sheets - IV Tubing - Sutures - Gauze bandage - Toothbrush - Toothpaste - Sanitary towel


Thank you for covering Haiti in love & prayer. We need you.

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