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Founding Story

In 2003 Mike Wilson’s life was changed on a short-term trip to Haiti. When he got home he couldn’t quite describe what Haiti was like to his wife and 3 sons. He simply said, “I have to go back.” Mike returned to Haiti in 2005 and again with his wife Missy in 2007. During these trips, it was clear Haiti would mean more this family than a short-term missions destination. Their call to help the people of Haiti was strengthening everyday.

In 2012 myLIFEspeaks launched in the village of Neply, Haiti, with the goal of helping children with special needs who were cast out from their families because of the influence of voodoo culture. It quickly became clear that helping children with special needs also meant empowering their parents and relatives, developing the commUNITY around them, educating their peers, and providing the care and assistance necessary.

By providing jobs for people in the Neply commUNITY so they can provide for their families, instilling an integrated quality education through LIFE Academy for both typically developing and special needs students, providing quality and affordable healthcare that is also educational, and walking alongside parents and families as they fight for their children, we are transforming a commUNITY in Haiti that is centered in and growing toward Christ.

The Wilson family lives in Neply and works at myLIFEspeaks alongside our Haitian and American staff.

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