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2022 ministry impact report


a letter from our cofounders

For 10+ years we have walked beside Haitians inside their country and within the culture. We have learned from them and trusted them. In turn, they have listened to us as we have shared the truth of the Gospel.

They have partnered with us to change the culture of Haiti today and for the future.


Today, we trust our Haitian Directors to share the vision, mission, and strategy of myLIFEspeaks far and wide, while our American staff has been forced to leave Haiti physically, but not emotionally or spiritually. What could have been considered catastrophic is nothing short of miraculous. Today, myLIFEspeaks is 100% Haitian-led and run on-ground in Haiti. Haitians are helping Haitians and that was the goal all along to empower them to be the change their country needs.


As we more directly focus on the Spiritual needs of those in our local community and beyond, we need you to come alongside us today and for the future. Your financial support helps us continue the work we are doing and meet emergency needs as they arise, including:


  • LIFE-saving programs led by Haitians on-ground and within local communities

  • The ability to immediately meet emergency physical and spiritual needs

  • Stability for the future of the ministry locally and the ability to share our model across Haiti (including Evangelism, Discipleship, and physical needs)

2022 Impact
2022 Financials
Our Haitian Directers
2022 Year End Booklet Insert (1)_edited.

Would you join us in making an impact in Haiti?

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