Immersion Trip Calendar


Thank you for your desire to be part of the Lord's Work in Haiti through myLIFEspeaks. We are grateful you are here.


Due to political instability, unrest, and violence in Haiti we have had to halt ALL immersion trips and visitors for 2020 due to safety for both our guests and staff. We are heartbroken that visitors won't be able to come experience what the Lord is doing in Haiti currently, but your safety is our ultimate priority.

In February 2019 Immersion Teams came to a complete halt due to the unrest, resulting in less than 50 partners visiting myLIFEspeaks compared to over 500 in 2018.


Immersion trip experiences and word-of-mouth is critical to our continued work in Haiti and constitutes 1/3 of our funding. To say 2019 was a huge hit would be an understatement.

Amidst the uncharted obstacles myLIFEspeaks is facing, we see a great opportunity to strengthen our focus: 

Developing a Christ-Centered Culture in Haiti, one LIFE at a time.


In 2020, our reach will increase from 3,000 people to 10,000 people, spanning three villages. In our 8th year of existence we will reinforce our commitment to the Great Commission:

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

[Matthew 28:19-20 NIV]

God is continuing to bear fruit within our ministry. 2019 was full of unprecedented Haitian leadership and growth.


In the absence of teams, we have seen Haitian youth step up to lead their peers and children in the commUNITY.

We continue to see our Haitian Directors voluntarily go without so others in our commUNITY can receive help. Our commUNITY is coming together even more to help one another.

We have seen an increase in both men's and women's discipleship and sharing the Gospel throughout the villages. 

Please continue to join with us in prayer for Jesus to transform hearts and minds in Haiti and for peace to cover the country. What Haiti desperately needs is a REVIVAL in Christ for true change to happen. We hope peace will prevail and you will be able to come visit us again very soon!

With the absence of teams we are having to find other ways to offset costs.

If you feel called to give any amount you would have spent towards your trip to help us continue the work we are doing in Haiti as well as plan for the future, we would very much appreciate it. God bless you!

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