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Teachers Risk Lives to Educate Haitian Youth

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Want to hear something amazing?

Some of our teachers travel from far outside the village for school every day. Right now in Haiti, there is no fuel available due to gangs holding tankers hostage at the ports.

Because of this a few of our teachers had to miss a couple of days due to lack of transportation. Then something amazing happened… here’s a direct quote from our Director of Education, Andrea.

“They missed Wednesday and Thursday, But this morning they showed up on bikes and I almost burst into tears right then and there. It was one of the most touching beautiful moments of this year!! They live a good 5 miles away and that might not seem like much but have you ever ridden a bike on a rock road?! It’s awful.

But this moment goes beyond the fact that they physically came on a bike. It's the fact that they chose to make this huge sacrifice for the students, for their school, and for their country. This investment they made by showing up will reap a harvest of change for the future.

But also look at what kind of teachers we have! Who wants to ride a bike 5+ miles on a rocky road to get to work? Nobody. We even told the teachers who live out of town that they did not have to show up if they didn’t have gas but these teachers literally chose on their own to show up for their school. Also one was in a dress!!”

Once again we are blown away and touched by the passion, dedication, and love of our LIFE Academy teachers for their students and the critical importance they place on education even in these trying times.

These teachers are quite literally risking their lives to teach the next generation of Haitian leaders.

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