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Quick Update: August 17, 2021

Hey everyone, here’s a quick update on Haiti.

Everyone in Neply is doing well after Tropical Storm Grace passed by last night. Thankfully, there was no major damage besides a few trees down.

We had some families from the local communities stay in our new building last night. Even though it’s not 100% finished yet, it was a much safer place than many of their homes.

Thankfully we had no issues of flooding or wind damage. Much of the infrastructure work the community did after last year’s storms allowed proper drainage for this one.

Please be in prayer for the communities west of us. They are not only working diligently to sort through rubble looking for family members and friends but they also had to deal with a direct hit from the storm last night. With an estimated 1000+ people without shelter and sleeping on the streets under tarps and tents, these areas are extremely vulnerable at this time.

Makeshift beds outside hospital in Les Cayes, Haiti; one of areas most affected by earthquake and storm. (Photo: Associated Press)

Please pray for the water-saturated hillsides to hold up as relief crews attempt to make it into unreached areas still. Reports are coming in that the hillsides above areas like Les Cayes, in the epicenter of the earthquake damage and the city that took a direct hit from Tropical Storm Grace, are dangerously exposed to “mudslide and flooding with the capacity to totally overrun the city.”

Please join us in fervent and constant prayer over Haiti and all those affected & all the helpers!

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