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myLIFEspeaks Hosts Children's Rights Conference For Local Parents and Families

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

June 13th, 2023 was an incredible day at the myLIFEspeaks Community Center (Family Empowerment Office). Benjamin (myLIFEspeaks' Director of Family Empowerment) and Davidson (myLIFEspeaks Social Worker & Benjamin’s Assistant) held a Children’s Rights Conference with testimonies from our Family House parents, informational displays, and a photo wall for everyone to see.

80 people from Neply and the greater community attended the conference. In addition, all myLIFEspeaks Departments and some LIFE Academy classes came prior to the conference started to see the displays and walk through everything.

This is a huge win and a proud moment for us and an amazing example of ministry happening that is entirely Haitian-led and run. Benjamin and Davidson came up with the idea to do this conference and then did all of the planning, organization, advertising, printing, and implementation from start to finish.

The focus of the conference was to highlight and educate people on the Family-Based Care model that myLIFEspeaks created to place previously orphaned and abandoned children, many with special needs, in loving family homes (i.e. foster homes) supported by myLIFEspeaks.

Another goal of the conference was to share a Biblically-based model of protecting children at all costs, regardless of their ability, disability, or intellectual or physical differences. The presentation talked about children’s rights and protection and ways that families can love and protect their children. They also talked about the integrated model of LIFE Academy, educating both typically developing and special needs students, together under one roof.

Davidson (left) and Benjamin (right), pose for a photo with members of one of myLIFEspeaks' Family Homes. Donia (mother) is in the middle surrounded by several of her own biological and foster children.

Many people were enlightened about what they learned from the conference and even asked more questions about becoming a foster parent and the ways myLIFEspeaks supports, provides for, and leads our Family Homes.

Education is key to empowerment and the advancement of society. When we know better, we do better. This conference was an incredible way by which our Haitian leadership took it upon themselves to educate and empower parents and families in the local community with tools and knowledge for a brighter future and stronger family units.

House Parent, Donia, poses with a thumbs up by photos of her children and family as part of the conference displays.

Generations of change are being witnessed in Neply. God-centered levels of change are happening. We are so proud of our Haitian leaders!


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