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Honoring the LIFE of Jovenel Moïse, Haiti's President Who Was Assassinated

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Today and tomorrow are National Days of Mourning in Haiti for the loss of Jovenel Moïse’s LIFE, in a horrific act of inexcusable violence. The entire country of Haiti has halted to observe this loss. We, at myLIFEspeaks, are joining in the quiet observance and solitude with the Haitian people, hoping to bring awareness to Haitian voices and a need for Haiti’s transformation in Christ.

We ask you to join us in praying for the former president’s widow, Martine, and their family - for peace, comfort, and healing.

Additionally, please pray specifically for these things:

  • For the country of Haiti and her people - for peace, transformation of hearts, and a turning away from all evil and violence and a turning TOWARD Jesus.

  • For Haiti’s elected leaders, public officials, first responders and police officers and their families as they put their lives’ at risk to protect those they serve.

  • For a peaceful funeral and laying to rest tomorrow without protests or violence.

  • For the people of Haiti who are already struggling - mentally, emotionally, and physically - under the mound of trials, heartbreak, and instability of their beloved country. Pray for peace, healing, and God’s Provision in their days ahead.

Thank you!

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