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LIFE Academy Students Leading By Example

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

We see God working through students and teachers at LIFE Academy daily both in big and small ways.

One instance was watching one of our special education students who rides his bike to school from the town over give a lift to a little preschool girl. When they arrived at LIFE Academy, one of the fourth-grade boys took initiative to help the little girl get safely down from the handlebars.

There are 3 perspectives here:

  • The boy with special needs felt comfortable enough to ask another student to help him get the little girl down safely.

  • The preschool girl didn’t see the boy as a “boy with special needs”…. she just saw a free lift to school!

  • Lastly, the 4th grader didn’t even hesitate to help his schoolmates.

This was a beautiful interaction to witness and perfectly exemplified LIFE Academy’s mission of integrated education, inclusion, and acceptance in action. The best part, it was led by children.

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