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Bél Ewo: "Beautiful Hero", support for parents of special needs children

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Bél Ewo has been full of the Spirit visibly moving, especially in recent weeks, whether it be the breeze that blows during the meetings breaking up the stagnant, Caribbean air to several members who haven’t come for months feeling the nudge to suddenly return! We continue to see growth in this program, averaging around 20 parents every week. It is a time for them to be poured into as well as pour into others, united in Christ.

With everything happening in Haiti in recent months, hearts have been heavy at the meetings. One week after talking through Bible verses, singing, and praying we decided to play a fun game similar to charades. It got members laughing and having fun. For a little bit they were able to forget their worries and the heaviness. After the game, the entire mood in the room was lighter.

Several members have also recently shared powerful God moments in Bél Ewo. This group has become like a family and supports each other spiritually, physically, and emotionally. It is moving to see the parents come together to help one another in LIFE's trials. Especially when it comes to the common understanding of being a parent to a child with special needs. They are able to relate to one another on a level that most people can not. Once again it shows the comfort, healing, and beauty of Christ-centered commUNITY.

Every meeting we meditate on Scripture, discuss real LIFE application, pray, have faith sharing time, and celebrate birthdays and accomplishments.

Bél Ewo members get a picture with their birthday certificates!

Members receive a Bél Ewo T-shirt after successfully attending 12 meetings!

After 24 meetings, members receive Creole study Bibles, generously funded by our friends at the Tim Tebow Foundation

We continue to see the Lord work in wonderful ways through this program! Thank you for supporting myLIFEspeaks and please keep these amazing parents and heroes in your prayers!

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Oct 04, 2021
Li m 'Nalicha epi di manman m' mwen te di Hi ak mwen renmen bagay la ke ou afiche epi mwen kriye paske bagay sa a se konsa bèl e mwen yon jan manke manman m '. Renmen ou manman si ou jwenn sa a.
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