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LIFE Academy
The only fully-integrated special needs and typically developing school in Haiti; 40 students in general education with 4 teachers, 4 assistants; 30 students in special education with 8 teachers, 16 assistants; all are fed 5 days each week.
LIFE Skills
5 classes with 5 teachers (Gardening, Music, Art, Dance, Cooking) that meet 2 times each week. All Redemption 72:14 members are eligible for these classes.
LIFE Clinic
General clinic, minor urgent care, triage, pediatrics, wound care, prenatal; small pharmacy; limited lab services at a low cost to children in our care, the people of Neply, and surrounding communities; staffed with Haitian healthcare professionals including a nurse practitioner/mid-wife, 2 doctors, 6 nurses 4 days a week serving approximately 450 patients a month. 1 day per week the clinic partners with malnutrition program; mild malnutrition issues are addressed through the feeding program.
LIFE Therapy
Physical and occupational therapies for those with disabilities in Neply and surrounding communities, 5 days a week with approximately 150 patients a month; loaner program for toys, equipment, devices, splints/braces; 2 certified rehab techs, 1 trained rehab provider and clinic site for therapy interns from Leogane.
LIFE Sounds
A music program for Redemption 72:14, LIFE Academy, and the community.
Family Homes
Family-based care for special needs and typically developing children who have been orphaned or abandoned; 5 homes with 22 children in our care, 9 house parents, and 8 nannies.
Feeding Program
One healthy meal for 80-100 school-aged children 5 days a week.
Prenatal/Nursing Moms
Feeding, education, and care for pregnant and nursing mothers 5 days a week; serving between 15-20 women.
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Bingo 46:4
Based on Isaiah 46:4; elderly program meeting once a week for three hours to work on cognitive activities such as color, games, crafts, and lettering, as well as participate in Zumba and other fine and gross motor activities; vitals checked and screening for medical/therapy clinic refers.
Best Buddies
A global movement pairing a special needs individual with someone typically developing; meet for monthly playday as well as other monthly outings, meetings, or party. In addition, buddy pairs are required to spend time together outside of the scheduled times. We currently have 32 buddy pairs and 8 children waiting to be paired.
Redemption 72:14
Redemption 72:14 is focusing on those at-risk teen who are bound to "domestic servitude.” Twice a week we have tutoring and teaching, crafts and games, devotions and a meal. They are socializing and learning and hoping for a future. There are between 50-70 teenagers in this program ranging from 11 to 19 years old.
Bel Ewo (Beautiful Hero)
A support group that serves the parents of children with special needs. It meets every other Tuesday and usually has between 10-15 parents in attendance.
Transportation & Security
Van/car fuel $450 monthly, bus typically $10/team member; maintenance $900 monthly; Director of Security and 20 security guards.
The Happy Grove
A garden of fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement the Feeding Program; maintained through LIFE Skill classes and the academy.
Kitchen & Cleaning
7 kitchen staff; 4 dishwashing staff; 5 full-time, 1 part-time cleaning staff; 9 full-time and 3 part-time laundry staff.
LIFE Sports
Physical education and sports for children and teenagers.
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Developing a Christ-Centered Culture one LIFE at a time.

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