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Housekeeping & Laundry

Our housekeepers are an integral part of day-to-day operations at myLIFEspeaks. They sweep and mop the floors, clean the toilets, do laundry by hand, sanitize, and keep our facilities looking beautiful. Each of these ladies also have families of their own that they provide for with this job and clean up after at home. True superheroes right here!

Business & Accounting Office

The Business Office of myLIFEspeaks is the backbone of everything which happens here. Our Business Manager/Account, Bleck Charles, runs all the daily operations of myLIFEspeaks. He handles every department's budget, daily finances and reports to the US Office on all IRS regulations. His assistant, Hector Maturin, helps with all finalization of receipts into the spreadsheets, the use of daily finances and records all cash entering and exiting the premises. This Team is completely Haiti run and have given so much structure to the ministry here. They have both completed a 4 year Business Degree from a University in Port Au Prince, Haiti and it is a pleasure to have them as the “guards” of the ministry here.

Drivers & Maintenance

Our drivers keep us safe in getting from Point A to Point B. They are the ones that make the long, sometimes dangerous trips into Port-au-Prince to pick up staff and supplies from the airport. They ensure we have enough Diesel to not only run the vehicles but also the generators at myLIFEspeaks campus for when the solar power runs out in the evening. Our drivers are experienced and knowledgeable about which roads are safe to go down and which are not and they put their lives at risk to protect ours. They take care of all myLIFEspeaks vehicles and they are our “Driving Force”.

LIFE Clinic

Our Haitian doctors and nurses at LIFE Clinic provide basic, yet life-saving, preventative and acute health care at little or no cost to the people in our commUNITY and beyond. The Clinic has a functioning pharmacy, lab and is staffed with Haitian healthcare professionals including - 1 Nurse Practitioner/Midwife, 2 Doctors, and 5 nurses. As well as physical health care, our Haitian doctors and nurses also address spiritual health by praying with/over patients and sharing the Gospel about the One True Healer, Jesus Christ.


Our Intern boys are bringing about a new confidence here at myLIFEspeaks. They are brought in on a contractual basis and provide a set of helping hands whenever needed. They are dependable, trust-worthy and these 6 guys have grown and continue to learn so much about what it looks like to be a servant of Christ. They are examples of having a willing heart and not being focused on the job itself but the opportunity the job provides to help change lives.

Cooks / Kitchen Staff

Our Kitchen staff is responsible for preparing and serving 1,290 nutritional meals per week for our school, elderly, pregnant mothers, and children’s feeding programs. They get to work early every morning to start preparing hours worth of beans, rice, and protein to feed over a thousand people. Haiti is hot enough as is but our kitchen superwomen spend hours in a kitchen full of burning stoves, pots, and manual labor with a smile on their face all in a labor of love. They bring about a spirit of LOVE on this campus, which touches everyone, daily.


All of our myLIFEspeaks campuses have 24/7 security to act as a defense and protection if anything were to happen. Our security guards take pride in their work and take their responsibilities very seriously. Security guards accompany drivers and staff in every mLs vehicle for added protection. Most of the time they serve as an observant watch and gatekeeper making sure everyone who enters onto mLs properties has permission and access to do so for the safety of our community, House Families, children in our care, and staff members. Our security guards put their lives at risk to protect their mLs family. That is how much they believe in myLIFEspeaks’ mission and their jobs.

LIFE Therapy

LIFE Therapy Clinic provides Physical and Occupational therapy for children in myLIFEspeaks care and children and adults from surrounding communities. Our therapy professionals and assistants see patients of all ages and abilities. From children with intellectual and developmental disabilities to adults suffering from post-stroke symptoms, broken bones or chronic conditions, LIFE Therapists rehabilitate and enhance LIFE for each of their patients. Additionally to physical rehabilitation, LIFE Therapy staff prays with/over every willing patient, sharing the Gospel about the One True Healer of all ailments, Jesus Christ.


Our 8 Haitian teachers at LIFE Academy are raising the future of the next generation of Haitians through integrated education, critical thinking, problem solving skills, and Christ-centered curriculum. As the only school in our region to educate both typically developing AND special needs children together under one roof, LIFE Academy is showing the community how we are all created in God’s Image. Our teachers lead the way through their own Christ-centered lives and dedication to educating youth to change Haiti for the better. LIFE Academy teachers and teaching assistants are dedicated to educating students to think critically and solve problems inside and outside the classroom. Our teachers value one-on-one interaction with their students and utilize hands-on teaching methods that are unique to LIFE Academy classrooms.

House Families

Our Family Homes, Christian Haitian married couples or single moms, raise their typically developing and special needs “foster” children alongside their biological children as a FAMILY. In a country where orphanages use relinquished children for profit, myLIFEspeaks believes in family empowerment. We place orphaned or abandoned children, with and without special needs, in loving family homes, not institutions. Our House Parents are supported by myLIFEspeaks financially, spiritually, and physically but the parents are responsible for providing and caring for the children in their care. Each FAMILY has a nanny who helps them during the day to give an extra set of eyes, ears, hands and feet. This is especially important where the Special Needs kids are concerned. Working together, our House Families provide a stable HOME environment for each child the government has placed into our care.

LIFE Academy Assistants

The strength and force of LIFE Academy. Our 17 Assistants help provide the Teachers the ability to Teach uninterrupted and bring about the model of what serving others truly should look like. They work with all of our Special Education Students, feeding, being their hand and feet (even eyes and ears for some). They are constantly bridging the gap between the student and the teacher and they make LIFE Academy better every day!

CommUNITY Programs/Discipleship

CommUNITY programs are a huge part of our impact in Haiti through several Christ-Centered, inclusive, and intentional programming. Bèl Ewo (Beautiful Hero) is our weekly Biblically-based parent support group for parents of children with special needs. Zanmi Pou Lavi (Friends for Life) is our peer-to-peer buddy program pairing typically developing and special needs individuals in intentional life-long friendships. It is programs like these ones as well as our weekly Men's and Women's Discipleship groups that have and continue to change the culture in Haiti to one of inclusivity, that recognizes the dignity and worth of each and every LIFE as a Child of the King.

LIFE Sounds

LIFE Sounds has gone from a teaching music program to a full blown studio. Music brings us all together and it allows us to set the tone for WORSHIP in everything we do. We have classes weekly for guitar, drums, bass and piano as well as the opportunity for people to come and record their own music and share with others throughout the world. We have a full staff of musicians who take their passion and teach others to let their music help change the world.


These ladies have one of the hardest jobs on the campus. The wash over 1290+ dishes daily from school, elderly, pregnant mothers and our feeding programs. They are always covered in water, suds and laughter. They have made this area a fun atmosphere and it brings them joy when they see the help they provide Team Cooks each day.

CommUNITY Involvement

CommUNITY Involvement is a major part of our impact in Haiti through several Christ-Centered, inclusive, and intentional programming. Under the commUNITY Involvement umbrella lies Feeding Program (providing meals for children in commUNITY once/day 5 times/week), 72:14 At-Risk Teen Program (providing tutoring, mentorship, and intentional Christ-centered relationships for a brighter future), and Elderly “Bingo 46:4” Program ( providing nutritional, educational, medical, Biblical, and soulful nourishment for the elderly in our commUNITY). These programs uplift our commUNITY and enhance the culture in Haiti one LIFE at a time.

LIFE Skills

LIFE Skills is a part of our CommUNITY Involvement area and it gives young people the opportunity to see all the possibilities LIFE has to offer. It meets two days per week and 5 different classes are offered. Dance, Music, Art, Gardening and Cooking. The LIFE Skills Directors are professionals in each of these areas and they are able to give each of their students a glimpse of who Christ Created them to be regardless of their ability or disability. They give these students a skill which can take them into their future with empowerment and courage.



Developing a Christ-Centered Culture one LIFE at a time.

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