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Continued from August newsletter

Our newest Family Home of Dachmi and Fofo welcomed the the two little girls however the three siblings needed a home. Because they were so sick, the Mike & Missy Wilson, the founders of myLIFEspeaks, brought them into their home where American staff and interns could help with their care until a placement could be determined. In God’s all perfect timing, Dr. Coburn Allen, who sits on the board of myLIFEspeaks, had arrived that day with a team. He was able to evaluate and treat all the children who had whooping cough, intestinal worms, and scabies, in addition to the malnourishment and dehydration. 

When IBESR brought the kids, they were not willing to give any details about where the children came from, only stating that the orphanage director abandoned them.

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“We knew they had to have come from an orphanage nearby so we decided to investigate.  It only took a day to find out that the children were actually found in an abandoned garden lot where they had been kept in a shed. They had been locked in it for two days before the authorities came to get them. The children had indeed been in an orphanage and the orphanage was slated to be shut down,” Anne Marie explained.


The director had taken the fifteen children and hidden them on the lot. Knowing children to be valuable for trafficking or to draw sponsorship dollars, she did not want to lose them. This is a prime example of how sponsorship can be linked to trafficking. Parents, promised a better life for their child, or simply unable to feed and care for them, turn their child over. Or a child is simply taken. Most sponsors have no idea where the child they sponsor in orphanages come from.

According to the neighbors, people were staying with the children and feeding them for a few weeks but those people eventually stopped coming and left the children alone. Eventually the neighbors heard the children screaming and crying so they jumped over the fence, broke the lock on the shed and called the local magistrate.

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The children reported that there were other children at the orphanage that "disappeared" or were taken away at night.


“We can only imagine what could have happened to these kids if they had not been rescued. The other 10 children have been placed in two other American orphanages in the area. Unfortunately, they are not growing up in families like the five we have are but we know that they are at least safe,” Anne Marie said.


Now two years later we are delighted to say that the three siblings are in the House Family of Rigal, a campus security guard, and his wife, Mirlande and the two girls will forever be with Dachmi and Fofo. All five children, Sara, Manno, Mika, Neika, and Pippine, are safe, healthy and loved not only by their House Parents but by the whole commUNITY.

These once abandoned and neglected children finally have a forever place to call home.