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We are continuing to grow our ministry and expand our area of influence #BeyondNeply and into surrounding villages. Aiding this natural expansion is the location of our new guest house which is centrally located between Neply and two other villages. In 2020, our ministry influence will grow from 3,000 people to 10,000.


This slight shift in location is a huge gesture of goodwill and hospitality to these other villages continuing the ripple effect of myLIFEspeaks in Haiti. We already see relationships BUILDing and commUNITY developing. 

Current guest rooms will be used for additional LIFE Academy classrooms and other programming. The new building will have 6 rooms on the ground floor and 6 on the top (7m x 7m for each room) for guests and additional activities. 

Despite the civil unrest, construction has continued without delay on the guest house. Materials were bought and delivered ahead of the protests. We were able to provide jobs to over 30 Haitian construction workers who then were able to provide for their families.

Below are the pictures of the progress of our BUILDing commUNITY.

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